Mr. Rudolf Georg Burkhard

Current Employer:
Business Development Director
St. Oyens, Vaud, Switzerland
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Knowledge Summary

This Maven is Business Development Director and at VISTEM GmbH und Co KG. He is specialized in supply chain management, production management, project management and strategy and tactics development. He has more than 40 years experience in industry and consulting.

This Maven helps clients capture immense value in their 'white spaces'. (White spaces are resource capacity and resource time 'wasted' by inappropriate focus.

This Maven can either be your advisor or recommend another equally expert colleague.

Projects can be delivered on time close to 100% of the time (any delays that might occur are small); projects are completed with shorter lead-times and the existing organization can do more without adding. Control is visual, easy to use management constantly has the up-to-date project status across the project portfolio and can easily identify where action is needed.

Production lead-times can be cut 50%, work-in-process by a similar amount and delivery reliability (or stock availability) can be close to 100%. Similar to projects management has the necessary visibility to ensure the performance and focus their improvement efforts in the correct place - for greatest impact.

Such a step change in performance requires new or revised strategies and tactics to capitalize on the vastly improved capabilities and to ensure these capabilities and competitive advantages are sustained.

Clients have cut project lead times by up to two thirds.

Production lead-times and work in process have been cut by 40-50%.

The number of completed projects per time period has been doubled - without adding significant resources.


Current Employer:
Business Development Director
Jun 2008 - Present

1. Develop new customers primarily in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
2. Train and educate consultants at VISTEM GmbH und Co KG; train others that want to take the various examinations in the Theory of Constraints (as a member of the Theory of

Knowledge, Keywords & Publications

Theory of Constraints (Dr. E.M. Goldratt) Supply Chain, Operations, Production, Project Management, Strategy and Tactics, Finance, Performance Measurement, Constraint Management, Theory of Constraints, Cause and Effect Analysis, Critical Chain, Drum Buffer Rope, Simplified Drum Buffer Rope, Make to Stock, Make to Order, Make for Availability,

KNOWLEDGE, How too ...
Reduce inventory, shorten lead-times, improve supply chain, and how to improve project reliability, project lead-times and, develop the necessary and sufficient strategy and tactics to capitalize on and sustain advantages. Not least, how to overcome resistance to change.

Education & Languages

McGill University

1969 - 1971



Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

1964 - 1969



Certifications & Licenses

Jonah - Expert in the 8 Theory of Constraints application areas