Dr. David Brin

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Author/Public Speaker/Consultant
Encinitas, California, United States

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Knowledge Summary

This Maven is a scientist, public speaker, technical consultant, and world-known author. His novels have been New York Times bestsellers, winning multiple Hugo, Nebula and other awards. The author of The Transparent Society, he is one of the world’s leading authorities on privacy, accountability and transparency. As a public scientist/futurist, this maven appears frequently on radio and television shows such as The Universe and Life After People. He has been a popular and inspirational keynote speaker and panelist at numerous conferences, workshops and corporate retreats, and regularly serves as a consultant on issues of space technology and defense, writing and education, as well as information age and future trends. He is known for rapidly assessing concepts pertaining to technology or communications, and offering fresh, unusual perspectives that keep corporations, studios, investors and government agencies coming back for consultations.


Current Employer:
Self-Employed (Author/Public Speaker/Consultant)
Jan 2003 - Present

Speaker for Proctor&Gamble, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Google, SAP and 200+ others

Consultant on various tech-futures topics such as national security (CIA, DoD, Rand, DTRA), privacy/transparency (author of The Transparent Society), and

Current Employer:
Jan 2000 - Present

Epocene is a patented, new approach to enhance online communications.

Current Employer:
Self-Employed (Best-selling Author of Fiction/Non-fiction titles)
Jan 1982 - Present

Winner of Hugo & Nebula awards, as well as the Freedom of Speech Award from the American Library Association for The Transparent Society.

Past Experience:
Hughes Aircraft Research Labs
Technical staff
Jul 1973 - Mar 1977

Microelectronics design and fabrication, MOS, CCDs, all processes from wafer to chip.

Knowledge, Keywords & Publications

Scientist/author David Brin’s best-selling novels include Earth, Kiln People, Startide Rising, The Uplift War, and The Postman (filmed in 1998). His books have been translated into more than 20 languages.

His non fiction book -- The Transparent Society: Will Technology Force us to choose between Privacy and Freedom? - won the Freedom of Speech Award of the American Library Association, establishing him as a widely quoted expert on secrecy, privacy, and accountability.

As an engaging public speaker/futurist, David Brin is widely consulted by governments and industry about matters of technological and social change and has spoken before hundreds of audiences. He has served as a consultant on various tech-futures topics such as national security, and privacy/transparency. He has appeared on television shows like Nova, "Life After People" and "The Architechs."

David is frequently consulted about topics such as:
Astronomy, Space Science, NASA
Artificial Intelligence & information tech
Books, Publishing and Creative Writing
Public Speaking
National defense/security future threats
Technical Consultation
Science Fiction

Education & Languages

Certifications & Licenses

Masters, Electrical Engineering, University of California San Diego

Patent: Interactive Communication between a Plurality of Users (7,124,372, 2006-10-17)

Ph. D. Space Physics UCSD