Mr. Gary Lewis Spencer

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Business Development/Growth Consultant
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

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Knowledge Summary

This Maven is a passionate lover of success. Through his career, he has demonstrated the talent of solving problems, life & business, always keeping himself available to his friends, co - workers & clients at any given moment.

He displays the strength, character, and knowledge of a loving & well loved man. His intuitive, innovative, and often creative ideas gave birth from the hard working people he has met during his successful career as a service industry worker.

He inhabits a world of ideas.

An independent, original thinker driven by his strong feelings, and personal integrity. Sensitive, committed, hardworking, and perceptive. An excellent listener, skilled at generating enlightened and creative solutions to people’s problems.

A thoughtful and careful decision maker, he prefers to have plenty of time to let ideas “percolate” before taking action. Because he values harmony and agreement, he likes to persuade others of the validity of his viewpoint.

He wins the cooperation of others by using approval and praise, rather than argument or intimidation, and will go to great lengths to promote fellowship and avoid conflict.

Often a perfectionist, highly focused, and driven to accomplish his goals. Rather formal and reserved, he can be difficult to read, but it is critically important that his values, needs and concerns be understood and respected.

He is most satisfied and successful when using his God Given natural talents in an environment that is consistent with his personality preferences and values.


Current Employer:
Self-Employed (Business Development/Growth Consultant)
May 2010 - Present
Past Experience:
Between Jobs
Apr 2010 - May 2010

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Smoking Gun Marketing Technique Expert

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